23/5/17 – Manchester Attack

Something entirely different to SSO, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this. 

I just heard about the bombing on Manchester arena right after an Ariana Grande concert, 22 dead & over 50 injured. This news is honestly devastating, I’ve been near the arena many times before in my life so it’s so horrible to think that something so drastic & scary could happen there. My thoughts are with the friends & family of the missing, deceased or injured people. If you don’t know what actually happened and this is news to you, please search it up, I’m sure others can explain the situation better than me.

Stay safe ❤

A long rant about SSO and the community

Ok so I just wanted to rant a bit about the SSO community right now. If I’m honest here, I’m pretty ashamed of some of SSO’s players at the
moment. Over Instagram and just social media in general I have been seeing so many people complaining about the game, saying the updates are awful and not worth spending money on membership for, that they’re sick of new horse breeds/colours, that SSO is now greedy and stealing money from players. I honestly do not get any of this, do any of you people know how hard it is to make a game? SSO update every single Wednesday, and what does it even matter if it’s not a big new area, you should be grateful. Horse breeds take so much work and effort to make, I don’t even animate but I video edit and I know how long it takes. Now imagine modelling everything, coding it, animating it. Now imagine
spending so long on something and feeling proud of it, then to release it and everyone to be like: “I’m sick of these updates, you bring out half hearted breeds almost all the time, I want story quests. Now!” Like seriously, story quests. Woooow. They have to script every line, there is SO much coding and work put into it, you expect them to bring out quests every month? All of the stuff you think is a small update is actually
a ton of work for the team. I’ve played the game for almost 4 years now and I can safely say that the team are awesome when it comes to a problem.
Whenever I’ve had a payment problem or a glitch on my account and I’ve emailed SSO, they’ve always replied to my email within a few days and they always fix my problem right away, they listen to what their players say, they interact with their players, they do plenty of deals, they update every week which is honestly something that not many online games do. As for “All the updates this year have been small and useless”,
here’s a list of what came out in the game in 2016 and late 2015.
– Epona (A huge area)
– South Hoof
– Mustangs
– Lipizanners (A HIGHLY requested breed)
– More Jorvik Wild Horses
– New Icey colours, a new Fjord, 2 new AQH colours
– Updated Friesian Sport Horses (And a new colour)
– Updated Friesians (also a very highly requested breed to update)
– New player animations.
– The ability to lead our horses. (Literally begged for by players for years)
– MYSTABLE. (Honestly one of the most requested things, SSO were working on it for so long.)
– A new language added to the game (Turkish)
– Star Stable Ambassadors
– A foal app (again, one of the most requested things)
– Another SSO app
– Jorvik City
– Tons and tons of clothes and tack.
– Recruit a friend
– Shadows added to the game
– SSO’s 5th birthday
– New Hillcrest Championship
– The bunker quests (MEATBALLSSSS)
– English Thoroughbreds
– The Fortuna Festival
-Rainbow quests
Honestly, is that not enough? That’s a TON of new stuff they added to the game, SSO has not changed, they are not money hungry.
They need money to keep the game running, but they care about their players and they care about their game. Stop looking for drama and accusing the game of lacking updates. Support the game and the team and just play, if you still feel that the game is boring,
then stop playing but seriously, quit spreading negativity around people’s hard work, and treat people how you would like to be treated.
Or, try to make your own game.
Anyway that’s my rant, thanks if you read to the end but I’m really irritated with some of the community. I know there is still many players that love the game, but this is directed to the people who spend so much time talking about the negatives of the game. Just make your own game and then when you see how hard it is you might appreciate SSO more.

~Alice ❤

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Night Star?!

Hiya 🙂

As most of you will know, I’m from the UK and my main account is on the UK server Cupcake Valley. But, I do have some friends who are from the North American servers (mainly Night Star) and so I wanted to get the chance to meet them!

So a few months ago a girl I know was nice enough to create me an account on the North American servers, and then April Eagleforce was born!

She was a Star Rider for a period of time but it ran out after a while. She’s level 6, almost 7 with just one horse. I’m trying to be anonymous when it comes to friends except for the people I know well, but I want people to think I’m just this random American girl ;}

they will never figure out my true identity haha -drinks tea-


Obviously because I’m in a different time zone to America it makes it hard to log on at the same time as any American people I know which I’ll have to try and figure out. Usually when I log on at about 10 – 11 AM it’s like midnight for Night Star 😛

But if you’re on when I am come say hi!


New blog!

Okay so I’m taking a small break from SSO because of a lot of drama that really got me stressed, so a break from it is the best thing in my opinion.

I’ve started playing the Sims 3 in the meantime and I decided to start a Sims 3 Legacy Blog!

I’ve had a lot of fun writing it and it would be great if you checked it out 😀

Here is the link: https://theseasonslegacy.wordpress.com/

20 Facts About Me

Here are 20 random facts about me!

  • I live in the UK.
  • My besties on SSO are Dasha Darkgirl & Chloe Macvalley
  • I’m on the UK Cupcake Valley server.
  • I’ve been playing SSO since 2013.
  • I own Purple Roses and have owned it since August 2015.
  • I’m extremely random and crazy x3.
  • my favourite shows ever are Once Upon A Time and Sherlock.
  • My fave breeds on SSO are English Thoroughbreds and Morgans. (I also love Arabians)
  • I have over 20 horses.
  • I’m almost thirteen.
  • One film I can’t get through without crying is Spirit xD
  • Once when I was about 3 I went up to the most aggressive horse in the stables and patted it, that’s when I knew I loved horses :3
  • I love art.
  • And video editing.
  • My favourite book at the moment is The Glory by Lauren St. John (introduced to me by Dasha ❤ )
  • I have Instagram & a Youtube channel


Oh dear.

I haven’t written on this blog for over a month now, and I’m really sorry! The amount of editing , managing my club and an overload of real life stuff I’ve had to do recently is well.. A lot. I haven’t had the time or inspiration to write on here and to be honest, there isn’t much to post about. Sure I can write about SSO updates but that will get boring. I might write an SSO story or something 🙂

What do you all think I should do?

-Alice x face pic

Update & A New Tag

Hey everyone , I am so sorry for not posting in over a month, I just haven’t had anything to post about & I’ve been focusing more on my Youtube channel. I have started different blogs which I’ve been more active on, I’ll tell you the subjects of them.

One is a review website for movies, & books, stuff like that.

One is a ranting website where I rant about random stuff xD.

One is an sso newspaper website 😛

Which would you like to read?

I am also going to start a new tag xD.

1: What’s your favourite game aside from SSO?

2: If you had 10,000 Star Coins what would you buy?

3: If you had a million dollars/ pounds/euros, what would you buy?

4: Who is your favourite artist?

5: Favourite TV show?

6: Celebrity crush? x’D

7: If you had time travel, where would you go to?

8: Right now , are you on your phone, laptop or computer? x3

My answers 


-The Sims 3 or Ni No Kuni.

-2 new Morgans, a new Shire, AQH, the Westphalian & a bunch of others. Then I’d go on a hugeeeeee sh0pping spree and save the rest.

-Umm, a house? xD Jk, maybe a computer that doesn’t lag :’) A camera, fabulous headphones, maybe a real leather jacket or something xD.

-Demi Lovato FTW

-Once Upon A Time & Sherlock

-Loads *-* *-* *-* I usually fall for fictional characters xD, probably um.. Josh Hutcherson maybe- whoever plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars -turns crimson-

-I’d go to the year 1912 and board on the Titanic, idk why xD

-Laptop 🙂

I tag..

Lizbeth Moutainside

Ruby Dawnbrooke

Help I’m Alive

And anyone else reading this ❤